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Welcome Dr.Thrower's Dermatology, Skin Care and Medi-Spa. where he and his staff know that the highest quality care is only possible when ethnic skin is treated with the special attention and therapeutic expertise it deserves. Ethnic Skin requires special treatment because its reaction and response is very different from that of European skin.The most obvious difference is pigmentation, or color.

The pigment producing cells in darker skin are much more active.This produces an even dispersal of pigment cells in the skin’s top layer. While this gives darker people a much greater level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, it can also lead to problems. Diseases and injuries can cause the production of more or less pigment, leading to very visible dark or white spots, or discolored areas.

We are dedicated to treating these problems unique to your skin, while maintaining a healthy balance. Our experts will tailor treatments specifically for your needs, helping achieve the best skin you can possibly have.

Angelo P.Thrower, Medical Doctor, a specialist in Dermatology and Ethnic skin conditions.He has been in private practice for over 20 years and is the creator of the Dr.Thrower’s Skin Care System (formerly known as Dr.Thrower Heritage Skin Care).Click here to read Dr.Thrower’s full biography.

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